It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of Darlene Arden on February 17, 2017.

ORDER THE COMPLETE CAT'S MEOW! Do you consider cats valued members of the family? Do you want to ensure you're giving your beloved feline friend the very best possible care? Then this all-in-one, comprehensive cat care guide is for you!

The Complete Cat's Meow has been voted one of the Cat Wisdom 101 Editor’s Choice, Top 10 Cat Books of 2012. Presented by Cat Wisdom 101. Judge’s comment: “...No matter how much you think you know about cats, I think you’ll learn something new from The Complete Cat’s Meow by the queen of pet experts, Darlene Arden. Written in easy to understand chapters interspersed with cat photos and info blocks, there is something for everyone..."





The Complete Cat's Meow has won the 2011 Muse Medallion. Presented by the Cat Writers Association. Judge’s comment: “The author’s wealth of knowledge, thorough research, and engaging writing style come through on every page. But, even more than that, her love of cats makes this book special. If you’re only going to buy one cat guide, this is the one to get. This book will work for the experienced cat servant as well as the newbie.” - Winner: Darlene Arden, The Complete Cat’s Meow, Howell Book House, 2011




The Complete Cat's Meow has won the Best Book About Cat Care, Readers Choice Award: Presented by Cats
From a reader's nomination: "This is the most comprehensive book on cat care I've ever read; easy to navigate; full of good infomation; written in easy-to-understand, uncluttered language by a cat expert....eliminates the need for a million books. When you have this one, you don't need a slew of others. Brilliant photos as well."

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