Congratulations on bringing a new puppy at home. Indeed, the happiness a puppy brings to someone’s life is unexplainable. Being overwhelmed by the arrival of your new puppy is totally comprehendible. But what’s next?

Let’s delve more into the three vital teaching lessons for your new puppy.

1. Give them time to adapt
It is crucial to give the new puppy time to adapt to the new environment as it will be the first time in an unknown place for the puppy; especially without his mom. Allowing your puppy to adjust to the new environment on his own is a lesson in itself.

2. Teach your puppy its new name
Your puppy needs to understand that you want his attention when you are calling his name. You can make your puppy recognise his name by offering treats and start calling them by their name. After some time, just let them smell treat and you need to stand up. Once, you are up, start calling your dog by its name. It may take some time, but surely they will recognise their name. 

3. Make them learn how to sit
For obvious reason, a puppy owner always wishes that his/her puppy behaves, especially when the owner is having a meal. No owner wants their puppy to start jumping on the table and start stealing food.

To make a puppy understand how to sit, you will again need some treats for the puppy. Start by moving your hand front and back slowly while having a treat near the nose of the puppy. Keep moving your hand towards the floor and when you see your puppy in sitting position, say for example, “Bella, sit”. Keep on repeating this step several times, and this method will work wonders.

Indeed, there are many responsibilities for nurturing a puppy. But, it is also essential to train a new puppy with some basic behaving skills.