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our expertise


our team is made up of kennel puppy breeders who are living completly surrounded by dogs. Their expertises is not to prove.

Dog health

We need to take care of our buddies. On this blog, you will find simple advices to know how to take care wisely of them ! 

Dog Sitting

When they can’t go with you, they need to be guarded by someone. DON’T FORGET THAT ABANDON HIS DOG IS NEVER AN OPTION.

Dog Owner Reviews

“My dog was acting weirdly recently. Thanks to Darlenarden, I knew how to understand him and treat him in a correct way. No needs to go to the veterinary!”

– Chara, owner of a wonderful Chow Chow

“With 4 dogs at home, the situation can quickly escape us. I asked DarleneArden about it and now I have an efficient methods for all my dogs !”

– Patrick, owner of 4 Shiba Inu 

“Woof 🦴 I’m Eliot the Puppy ! I wasn’t well educated during my first months. I bit the curtains, I pissed on the floor… When my owner started to go on DarleneArden, things started to change. Now I am the nicest puppy on the world ! 

– Eliot, the Puppy