Are you deciding to adopt a cute little puppy? Are you ready to build the bond of love, trust, care and friendship with a puppy? Well, before adopting one, you need to know how to take care of a puppy first as it demands a lot of time, and it is a big responsibility.


Let’s take a look at how to take care of a puppy.

Food and water
You need to provide the puppy with nutritious food and clean water. You have to feed the puppy regularly. You can find the puppy’s food at any supermarket near you and the food and water bowl as well.

Take the puppy to a vet
It is with high importance to take the puppy to a vet for a general check-up, the vet will advise you what your puppy needs to stay healthy and which food to buy for the puppy.

Vaccinations are highly necessary when it comes to taking care of a puppy. Your vet will update you with a schedule about when you need to vaccinate your puppy. Vaccinations help to protect the puppy from harmful diseases.

Deworming the puppy internally and externally is not to be missed. A puppy gets often infected with parasites such as fleas or intestinal worms which can be extremely harmful to the puppy itself, for other animals and also humans.

Microchip insertion
In some countries, microchips are inserted under the skin of puppies to locate them, if ever they are lost. Check with your country, if they provide this service you should at any cost get it done as it will help you if ever the puppy is lost.

Your puppy needs a bed, shampoos, nail clippers, fur brush, collar harness and toys. You can find them at a dog store or supermarket.

Finally, your dog needs your attention. You have to be available to provide the puppy all the physical caress and emotional feeling.

To end, these were the basics on how to take care of a puppy. You can adopt the little puppy you always wanted right away,  once you feel that you are ready to do all the above mention care.