Every dog owner hopes that their dog lives as long as them. Sadly, the average lifespan of a dog ranges from 10-13 years.

However, few dogs have been able to live above the average life span. Bluey, the Australian Cattle dog, has lived for 29 years. Therefore, you have to be optimistic about your dog living for longer than the assumed life expectancy. Moreover, there are diverse things that you can provide for your dog to live longer.



Keep reading to find healthy dog tips to help your dog live longer

Pet-proof your house
It is vital to pet-proof your house as accidents come uninvitedly. Guard the areas that may injure your dogs such as staircases or pointy/edgy corners of tables.

Do not skip vet visits
Regular vet visits are compulsory to keep track of your dog health.

Provide balanced-diets
You need to ensure that you are providing your dog with a balanced diet at a very young age. You need to nurture your dog with food that is appropriate.

Make your dog do exercises
It is imperative to spend quality time with your dog by supporting them to exercise frequently. You can play catch and fetch with your dog or take them for a long walk. Exercises are the key for your dog to live longer.

Keep track of dehydration
Providing your dog with food is vital, but providing your dog with water is more significant. It is crucial for you to make sure that your dog is not dehydrated at any time.

Brush their teeth
Brushing your dog’s teeth does not only mean removing bad breath. Instead, brushing your dog’s teeth promotes overall health by eradicating infections and contaminations.

These are the tips to make your dogs live longer. Provide the tips mentioned above to your dogs and witness them living longer with you.